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MarinkartIMO  -  New ProductsNewsRounded Rectangle:        NAVTEX Manual 
           2017 Edition
This manual is intended, primarily, 
for use by maritime Administrations
and  others    concerned   with    the 
preparation  and   broadcasting   of 
maritime  safety  information. 
It will also be of interest to seafarers,
shipowners  and  others  who   need 
to receive such information in order 
to  safely go about their business at 
Rounded Rectangle: Rounded Rectangle: International Maritime 
   Solid Bulk Cargoes 
      (IMSBC) Code
                  2018 II260E

International      Maritime

 Dangerous   Goods   Code


 IMDG 2016 Amendment 38-16 for 2017/18

IH260F - book: IMSBC Code & Supplement (inc Amdt 03-15), 2016 French EdNew Edition Coming Soon STCWFAL Convention