British Admiralty Charts & Publications

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Admiralty Products

    All Marinkart premises keep World Wide Coverage of Nautical Charts : Standard Navigational and Thematic .On regular basis , Marinkart gets weekly , a fresh supply from the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office including New Charts and New Editions ,beside Nautical Publications and Weekly Notices to Mariners . 


       ARCS " Admiralty Raster Chart Service " is the UKHO's charts presented in a digital format . ARCS charts are licensed on a chart-by-chart basis . ARCS  charts  have the same  familiar  image  as  paper charts . AVCS " Admiralty Vector Chart Service " enables shore-based users to view charts from the internet connected PC providing immediate access to world-wide charts . Through Marinkart you can get the Admiralty License to use these services : ARCS and AVCS .

Digital Charts

     All Marinkart premises keep all Nautical Publications: Admiralty Sailing Directions ( Pilot Books ) , Admiralty Lists of Lights Admiralty , Lists of Radio Signals Admiralty , Tide Tables , Admiralty Distance Tables , Admiralty Weekly Notices to Mariners , Chart Correction Tracings , Admiralty Mariners Handbook , Ocean Passages for the World ,....


Digital Publications